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Procera® Alumina

Procera anterior and posterior crowns from Oral Ceramics Dental Studio combine the highest standards of aesthetics and function with the ease of traditional crown & bridge preparation and cementation. Procera, is the bio-ceramic for crowns of vital beauty... and the strength of 687 mega-pascals from its sintered aluminum oxide coping. Once Nobel Biocare precision mills the coping through CAD / CAM technology, Oral Ceramics’ skilled ceramists layer the coping with Procera AllCeram, the low fusing porcelain with natural fluorescence and translucency that allows characterizations and natural shade blending without opacity... and it's 70% kinder to opposing teeth than high fusing porcelains. Best of all, Procera can be seated with zinc phosphate, glass ionomer or chemically hardening composite cement!

Low fracture rate - means minimal chipping as with PFM Alumina for the most outstanding light transmission in the esthetic zone Optimal all-ceramic strength with excellent esthetics.
0.6 mm thickness for general usage in any position.
0.4 mm thickness for superior esthetics with unsurpassed translucency.
Available in two colors for alumina: Translucent or White Long term clinical success data (>15 years) Radiolucency for marginal fit check.

Procera® Solutions 

Improved esthetics, as well as the desire to use non-metallic restorative materials have increased the use of dental ceramics. The ceramic materials used for Nobel Biocare’s all-ceramic crowns, bridges, laminates and abutments are densely sintered high purity (99.5%) aluminum oxide (alumina) and yttria-stabilized zirconium oxide (Y-TZP) (zirconia). These ceramic materials possess several desirable characteristics for use in modern dentistry, such as biocompatibility and good mechanical properties

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