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Oral Ceramics technicians are experienced with all of the major implant manufacturers and have the expertise to make all of your dental implant cases a success. We support dental implant fabrication for nearly all recognized implant systems including, but not limited to, several of the most popular:

Nobel Biocare




Biomet 3i


Lifecore Biomedical


Please send us diagnostic casts of your patientís upper and lower arches prior to any other procedures. We will then create and deliver to you a diagnostic wax-up. Once you have received the wax-up from our lab, we can examine and discuss with you the details of your patientís needs.

Tooth placement, emergence profile, vertical space, angulations, and implant components are all factors, which will be addressed. This will give us a clear concept of your expectations and enable us to create a plan to suit your needs and provide you with a surgical guide for optimal results.

We will also request a surgeonís evaluation in order to proceed further with your case.

Please send your patient to the surgeon so he may examine your patient for positioning options, available space, bone structure, and other factors. The surgeonís findings may have an effect on the initial planning. Whether the case needs revision or proceeds as planned will depend upon the surgeonís findings. In the event that changes are needed, a new wax-up may be necessary.

If you have any questions about implants, our specialists, Randall Freeman and Ross Kuhl, are here to help you examine all of the available options. Call them today at (800) 873-0911 with any questions you may have.

Custom Abutments
Proceraģ Abutment
Oral Ceramics Dental Studio makes it easy to restore Nobel Biocare Implants with Procera custom abutments. These custom designed implant abutments are available in two materials:



The advantage of restoring an implant with a custom abutment is you get the optimal design and control over setting of finish lines, the emergence profile, and size and shape of the abutment. Custom abutments also reduce the amount of time the dentist spends restoring an implant by eliminating abutment selection and preparation. These dental implant abutments apply to any position in the mouth and excel in the esthetic zone. Restoring dental implants with a custom abutment is an extremely simple procedure. The dentist simply needs to attach the impression coping to the implant in the patientís mouth, impress as one would do crown and bridge, and then just send the impression and impression coping to the lab. At our dental lab, we will pour the models and design the abutment for return to your office in less than two weeks. Oral Ceramics has the instrumentation necessary to place the abutment¨ĖĖavailable for use any time. The custom abutment is easy to work with, eliminates the need to stock pre-fabricated abutments, eliminates time spent preparing pre-fab abutments, produces superior esthetics, and are available in titanium or zirconia.
Bottom line: the custom abutment is the most user-friendly, cost effective and esthetically pleasing way to restore dental implants!

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