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Full Dentures

Standard Dentures: Oral Ceramics Dental Studio offers an affordable standard acrylic denture.

       Standard Acrylics
         Lucitone 199, Perma, and Nature hand packed
       Teeth of our choice

Premium Dentures:    Premium is our finest line of dentures and most closely mimics natural dentition from an aesthetic perspective. Every effort is made to customize the dentures to fit the needs of the patient including various characterized arrangements of the teeth and several coloration choices for the acrylics.

       Premium Teeth
         Ivoclar Premium Denture Teeth
           Ivoclar teeth replicate natural esthetics, not only in their appearance but also in their anatomically correct shape and function. Ivoclar teeth offer exclusive blending throughout both anteriors and posteriors creating a natural depth and translucency which results in unmatched esthetics. Numerous independent studies including the Lienfelder and Von Fraunhofer studies plus years of clinical experience have proven that Ivoclar.
         Portrait IPN
           With development input from 2000 dentists and laboratory professionals, Portrait IPN anteriors and posteriors provide a singular blend of aesthetics and performance. Portrait IPN teeth are available in dentistry's most popular shades (Vita® Classic and Bioform®), familiar moulds and wear-resistant material. Plus, they feature the characteristics of exceptional aesthetics: enamel translucency, color blending, and contrasting neck color for vital natural appearance.
       Ivocap Injection Acrylic
      Not all injection denture systems are the same. The Ivocap process provides continuous heat and pressure injection throughout the entire process ensuring a precise fit. Aided by a unique flask design, the system eliminates porosities which can harbor bacteria and cause infection in the patient as well as weaken the denture. The pre-loaded unit dose cartridge eliminates waste, messy hand mixing and inhalation of monomer and polymer.
       Gingival and Tissue Tinting
      Our dentures can be shade matched to accommodate the most natural looking appearance. Our premium denture gingival tinting ensures a more life-like appearance for your patients’ dental prosthetics.
       Naturally Festooned and Stippled
         Meticulous detailing on our premium dentures provides your patient with a confident and natural looking smile.
       Full Adjustable Articulation

Completion Times

Denture Set-up ~~ 3 days

Denture Process ~~ 3 days

Bite Rims ~~ 2 days

Repairs ~~ next day

Relines ~~ next day

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